Small Bore Mini Clamp Kit (105 Pieces) - W4 All 304 Stainless Steel

$333.35 $250.02
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Used For Small Bore High And Low Pressure Applications




  • Clamping Range: 8.5mm to 17mm
  • Band Widths: 9mm
  • Material Grade: W4 - All Components Completely 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Manufactured: Sweden
  • Quantity: 105 Pieces

Note:  Also available in W1 material grade. See related products on the left hand side of this page.


Part Number Bandwidth Clamping Range Quantity
Mini 9/9W4 9mm 8.5-9.5mm 10
Mini 10/9W4 9mm 9.5-11mm 15
Mini 11/9W4 9mm 10.5-12mm 15
Mini 12/9W4 9mm 11.5-13mm 15
Mini 13/9W4 9mm 12.5-14mm 15
Mini 14/9W4 9mm 13.5-15mm 15
Mini 15/9W4 9mm 14.5-16mm 10
Mini 16/9W4 9mm 15-17mm 10


Part Number
$333.35 $250.02
(Save $83.33, 25% off)
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