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Unicoil allows the user to make a moulded hose in just seconds.

Easy, simple and efficient Unicoils are manufactured from high grade 304 stainless steel, will last a lifetime and can be re-used.

Unicoils unique design allow the user to place permanent bends in many different sizes of automotive and marine hose whether used for the conveyance of fuel, coolant or vapour without the need to buy costly moulded hoses and without the risk of the hose kinking.

Excellent for emergency kits for a large variety of applications.


Unicoil Fitting Instructions 


Step 1.

Slide the Unicoil to where the bend is required.
Position the spine on the inside of the intended bend.

Step 2.

Press the spine unitl the required bend is achieved.


A gradual bend in the spine will achieve the best results.