BREEZE® introduced, pioneered and has been supplying quality hose clamps to aircraft, automotive OEM, commercial heavy-duty vehicles and industrial makes for more than fifty years.

All BREEZE® clamps are produced to stringent aircraft, vehicle and international quality standards. Breeze has continuously developed and expanded its product line of clamps since the first Aero-Seals. Each line is designed for specific areas of use with performance features and refinements that set it apart, but all conform to the same basic, high quality Breeze engineering standards. Breeze Miniatures, Power-Seals, Aero-Seals, Euro-Seals, Liner Clamps, NAS, AN and MS Clamps, Hi-Torques, Constant-Torques, Make-A-Clamp Kits, T-Bolt Clamps and V-Band Clamps continue to enable each industry and user to meet exact requirements with items of proven quality and reliability.