Teng Tool Storage


An essential part of the Teng Tool Control System, each and every of our over 120 different tool storage units offer increased organization of your tools for a more efficient work experience. Choose the perfect storage system for your specific needs from a range including 107 tool trays, 8 roller cabinets and 10 tool boxes.

Our tool cabinets and boxes are designed with quality in mind, but the real magic begins when you start filling them with Teng Tools. All of our tools come packaged in units designed to interlock with each other, allowing you to fill tool trays as you like. No space is wasted and once you've got everything where you want it, you'll never waste time looking for a tool again.

Teng Tools storage systems are sure to get you organized by accommodating all tools regardless of size or number of pieces. Even your socket sizes are marked in their packaging for ease of identification.

To make it even easier, Teng Tools have also put together a range of complete starter kits and pre-built technician tool kits for most regular applications.